Our mission

The Metalus team is committed, with respect to its core values and continuous improvement strategy, to provide its customers outstanding products and services that meet their expectations, and this, at the right price and with on-time deliveries. The goal is to create a strong, sustainable and profitable partnership.

Our vision

Metalus is a high-level integrator in the field of value-added sheet metal fabrication.

The energetic character of our team and our ability to assimilate new technologies make us a constantly evolving leader in our industry.

Our employees are our most important resource.  We want them happy, creative, motivated and responsible, and we promote personal development.  For business partners, working with Metalus is an attractive and profitable experience.

Our values

Respect… of our customers, of our partners and of the environment

  • We treat people with respect and consideration by being transparent et showing integrity
  • We promote frank and honest communications
  • We offer a clean and safe workplace based on innovation
  • We respect the environment and encourage energy efficient ideas
  • We promote a sound atmosphere in a motivating workplace

Teamwork… Together, we go further

  • We work in partnership with our employees, our customers and our suppliers
  • We rely on skills development and empowerment of our employees to constantly push back our limits
  • Work enthusiasm, synergy and leadership are vectors for the productivity of our company

Rigor… in our business processes

  • We work with the never ending concern to reach our objectives and the overcoming of these is an integral part of our DNA
  • We operate in a context of continuous improvement by remaining critical of our processes and by looking for the best practices in the industry.
  • We do everything in our power to honor our commitments.