Fields of Application

This policy applies to all permanent, temporary, contract employees, in any category whatsoever, subcontractors and suppliers of Metalus. Metalus and its employees must comply with all laws in force in the territory where they practice their profession.
Since Metalus has several business partners, these partners must respect the dispositions of this policy and must ensure that their own suppliers do the same.

The laws applying to this corporate social responsibility policy are the canadian federal laws, provincial laws , municipal laws, and all Metalus’ suppliers must comply with the laws in force.

Code of ethics

Human rights

Metalus is committed to respecting human rights and subscribing to equal opportunities in employment. In no event will the company tolerate discrimination based on race, gender, ethnicity, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or any other characteristic subject to legal protection. The use of a professional language is required. In this sense, the use of swearwords, profanity or insults is by no means acceptable. The hiring of children and / or slaves for the entire supply chain will not be tolerated. Finally, the display of photographs or other printed material of a discriminatory nature in the workplace is unacceptable.

Harassment and violence in the workplace

Metalus does not tolerate sexual or psychological harassment or any other form of harassment in its working environment. Sexual harassment may include sexual advances, inappropriate advances or suggestions, or any other form of joke or behavior of sexual nature that may affect the dignity or physical or psychological integrity of the person. Metalus proscribes, for example, threats, intimidation, humiliation and unjustified exclusion as well as violence in all its forms. You must report such behavior to your supervisor or human resources manager. For more information, see Metalus’ “Workplace Harassment Policy”.

Health, safety and environment

Commitment to health, safety at work and the environment is a fundamental social responsibility and a priority for Metalus. This responsibility must also meet the challenge of the environmental performance of its activities while maintaining its competitive capacity. Metalus and its employees comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Metalus sets standards, procedures, emergency plans and management systems necessary for the safe operation of its activities. In order to ensure their own safety as well as the one of their colleagues and their communities, employees must undertake not to perform their duties impaired by a substance that could impair their good judgment or impair the quality of their work by a safe, efficient and responsible execution of their tasks.

Accepting gifts, invitations and other benefits

It is not allowed to Metalus’ employees to accept directly or indirectly, gifts, entertainment or other benefits from activities associated with their duties and responsibilities. They must hand them over to their HR department, who will then be responsible for distributing them to all employees. Employees are also prohibited from soliciting gifts, invitations or other benefits, including cash, goods or services, discounts, free work, loans of money, materials or equipment on a preferential basis. In addition, the use of the company’s property for personal purposes must at all times be subject to the prior authorization of the employee supervisor.

Employees are allowed to accept invitations to parties, business lunches, sporting events, fundraising events, if it is about expanding business relationships or to facilitate discussion of issues of importance to Metalus and if such invitations remain clearly within the acceptable limits and are not likely to cause doubt on the objectivity of employees.

Email and Internet use

E-mails and Internet access are made available to employees by Metalus for business purposes only. It is important to remember that any e-mails can be intercepted, creates a permanent record, can be printed or transferred to other people by the recipient, who can keep it for a long time. E-mails must be given the same care as any other type of professional written communication. Internet access and computers at Metalus should never be used to consult, send or download inappropriate content that do not correspond to professional standards.

Conflicts of interest

Employees must avoid conflicts of interest, real or apparent, in the performance of their duties. Conflict of interest means any situation or arrangement under which the activities or personal interests of an employee conflict with its responsibilities towards Metalus.

Employees must avoid putting themselves in situations that could create obligations tpwards third parties who could benefit at the expense of Metalus. Employees must agree not to make any personal benefit to the detriment of the business interests of Metalus.

A conflict of interest may arise when an employee accepts external functions that could compromise the diligent performance of its tasks at Metalus. If applicable, affected employees are encouraged to discuss the situation with their immediate supervisor or the human resources manager to assess the impact of these external functions on their responsibilities towards Metalus.

Illegal or improper payments

It is strictly forbidden to Metalus’ employees, and its suppliers, partners and other third parties to offer or accept illegal or improper payments. The use of Metalus’ financial resources or property for purposes contrary to law is prohibited.

Also, employees will avoid approving, authorizing or making a payment, or offering a present or giving a favor to a person in a position of authority, such as the official representative of a government or a business, in order to obtain favorable treatment in a negotiation or a contract award process.

Customer base

Metalus is committed to meeting the needs of its customers and strives to provide them with first-class services and products. Employees must behave in an ethical manner when dealing with customers. Confidential information is protected in accordance with Metalus’ standards. Access to these datas is limited to those who need to know. It is therefore forbidden to transmit or disclose this type of information without the prior authorization of the client.

Suppliers, partners and other third parties

Metalus expects its suppliers, partners and other third parties to read and comply with its code of ethics. All contracts and agreements with suppliers, partners and other third parties must be in writing and specify the goods and services intended, and the associated costs. They must also be in accordance with reasonable commercial and competitive practices, and in accordance with the principles of this code and Metalus’ relevant policies.


Metalus’ employees, suppliers, partners and other third parties must under no circumstances use illegal or contrary to ethics manners to gather competitive information.


Metalus has appointed spokespersons Sylvain Audet and Alexandre Vincent, who are responsible for communications with the media and regulatory authorities. All inquiries to an employee should be directed to a designated Metalus spokesperson.

Code Management

Report an offense

Any Metalus’ employee, as well as any customer, supplier, partner or other third party who is aware of a possible violation of the Code or an offense against the law, by any of the Metalus companies or any of its employees, has the duty to report this offense. Although it is normal to be hesitant about such action, employees are nevertheless strongly encouraged to do so, as the consequences of ignoring such an offense could be very serious for Metalus.

Recognize a situation that is not ethical

If there is doubt about a decision that has ethical implications in the workplace, the following questions must be asked:

• Is this situation consistent with the Code of Metalus?
• Is this situation legal?
• Is this situation fair and honest?
• How would my family, friends and neighbors react if they knew?
• Would customers and shareholders approve of this situation?

If the answer generates discomfort, it may be that the situation is not appropriate.

Who to contact?

Anyone wishing to ask a question or seeking advice, or having a reason to believe that a violation of the Code has been committed, or having committed such an offense, shall discuss it without delay with any of the following persons:

– his immediate superior;
– his representative of human resources;
– his representative of legal services;
– the superior of his immediate superior.

In most cases, the immediate superior will be able to resolve the matter promptly. An employee who reports an offense and finds out afterward that it’s not under investigation, must contact one of the other contacts listed above.

Metalus’ employees, customers, suppliers, partners and other third parties may also contact Sylvain Audet, president or Alexandre Vincent, vice-president.

Confidentiality and anonymity

All requests will be processed promptly and with discretion. Anyone who reports a potential violation of the Code is entitled to anonymity; confidentiality and / or anonymity will be respected. In general, however, it is easier to conduct a fair and thorough investigation if the person reporting the facts identifies himself or herself and identifies the persons involved in the violation. Metalus will then do everything in its power to keep this person informed of the measures taken to resolve the situation.

Unless breaking the law, an employee who declares an event will not be penalized, dismissed, demoted , suspended or discriminated against for inquiring about the subject or seeking advice on how to proceed to deal with a suspected violation.

Disciplinary measures

Any violation of the spirit of the Code, or the Code itself, or the law could result in a disciplinary action required in respect of the offense, which may include termination of employment. Any employee who violates the law exposes himself, as well as Metalus, to criminal sanctions (including fines and imprisonment) or to civil suits (damages or fines).